Cellular, LTE/M1/NB-IOT

Products in our M2M, Wireless and IoT communications product category support a wide range of wireless and wired technology for all kinds of customers and applications.

Customers outside the Americas can also purchase products by contacting the webshop of TOP-electronics in the Netherlands.

  • - Quectel, BC95-G-TE-A, adapter board including BC95-G NB IOT module

    SKU: 17880
    $ 36.00
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  • - Quectel EG91-NA-T-EA, adapter board including EG91-NA module

    SKU: 17811
    $ 65.00
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  • - Quectel EG91-NA Starter Kit, Complete Initial Evaluation Kit for EG91-NA LTE Cat 1 Module

    SKU: 17810
    $ 225.00
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  • - Quectel EG91-EX-T-EA, adapter board including EG91-EX module

    SKU: 18106
    $ 65.00
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  • - Quectel BG96-GG-T-EA, adapter board including BG96-GG module

    SKU: 17721
    $ 60.00