LM058v2 (058-0054) - LM058-0054, BT RS232 Adapter with SMA Antenna, retail pack (SRP)

LM058-0054, BT RS232 Adapter with SMA Antenna, retail pack (SRP) 
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Part Number: 058-0054
Manufacturer/Supplier: LM Technologies
Specification 1: Single Retail Pack (SRP)
Datasheet: http://www.lm-technologies.com/lm_downloads/LM058_DATASHEET.pdf

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LM058v2, Bluetooth RS232 Serial Class 1 Long Range Adapter, SMA Antenna, Single Retail Pack (SRP) 

The LM058 has a minimum range of 100m when used with its 2dBi external antenna. Antennae with 5, 7 and 9dBi are also available and offer greater distances, often in excess of 800m and only limited by the environment.

The Single Retail Pack (SRP) includes:

1x Bluetooth Serial Adapter
1x DB9 male to female connector
1x USB - mini USB cable for power supply
1x 2 dBi Antenna
1x User Manual & Warranty Card
1x All in one power supply (UK, EU and US)
1x CD with LM149 Configuration Software

Order separately: LM025 Slim Line 9 pin to 25 pin Converter

LM Technologies discontinued LM058v2 with hardware version 2 at the end of 2017. 

A replacement part, LM058-3050, based on updated version 3 hardware, is now available.