- MegiQ BalCal Kit, Balanced and UFL Calibration

MegiQ BalCal Kit, Balanced and UFL Calibration 
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Manufacturer/Supplier: MegiQ
Specification 1: Use with any VNA
Specification 2: Use UFL up to 6GHz, Balanced up to 3GHz
Specification 3: Includes in-depth tutorial
Datasheet: http://www.megiq.com/shop/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=3

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MegiQ BalCal Kit for Balanced and UFL Calibration

The BalCal (Balanced Calibration) kit is a connectivity and calibration kit for balanced and UFL VNA measurements in sub-miniature RF-electronic circuits. It contains adapters from SMA and UFL to balanced pinheaders. The kit provides probing and calibration for the very small UFL connectors and for balanced lines, allowing you to connect your VNA to very small circuits in a well behaved way. 

The kit assumes your VNA has SMA-f connectors. In the case of a VNA with N-type connectors, you can use N-to-SMA converters. 

The kit comes in a handy accessories box and contains:

  • SMA-m/m adapters
  • SMA-UFL adapters
  • UFL/UFL cablesUFL-jacks (SMT for mounting on your target board)
  • SMA to Balanced Line probes
  • UFL to Balanced Line probes
  • Dual UFL to Differential probe
  • Blank pin headers (for connecting balanced probe to your target board)
  • Balanced calibration tools (OSLT) (with 50, 100 and 200 ohm loads)
  • UFL calibration tools (OSLT)
  • User Manual