- MegiQ VNA-0460, 400MHz to 6GHz, 2-port VNA

MegiQ VNA-0460, 400MHz to 6GHz, 2-port VNA 
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Part Number: VNA-0460
Manufacturer/Supplier: MegiQ
Specification 1: Frequency range 400MHz to 6GHz
Specification 2: Measuring power -30 to +5dBm
Specification 3: Data up to 20000 points
Datasheet: http://www.megiq.com/images/Content/MegiQ-VNA-0440-VNA-0460-Brochure.pdf

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MegiQ VNA-0460, 400MHz-6GHz, full bi-directional 2-Port Vector Network Analyser - measures S11, S21, S12, S22 

The VNA-0460 is a full bi-directional 2-port Vector Network Analyser (VNA), covering the most popular telecom bands, such as GSM-LTE, Wifi, Dect, GPS, GSM, etc. with it's frequency range of 400MHz-4GHz. 

Many customers order the VNA-0460-SB Starter Kit, a VNA and the VNA Sandbox together, to get started straight out-of-the-box. (It also costs less than buying them separately!)

MegiQ has developed a new custom cabinet for the VNA-0440 and VNA-0460 series. It is a two piece milled aluminium cabinet that integrates all the different shielding measures that were used in the previous version. Besides a much nicer styling, the new cabinet is more robust, improves shielding and has better thermal behaviour, resulting in much quieter operation.

The unit is USB-driven and comes with the following accessories:

  • PC-software for controlling, saving data and set-ups, analysis, reporting, etc.
  • USB Cable and Power Adapter.
  • Suitcase with handy accessory box.

Because of the very small size of the unit, it is specially suited for use with the small micro-electronic circuits of today. It is very handy to use, giving you results where far bulkier instruments cannot.