- MegiQ VNA-0460e, 400MHz to 6GHz 2/3-port VNA

MegiQ VNA-0460e, 400MHz to 6GHz 2/3-port VNA 
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Part Number: VNA-0460e
Manufacturer/Supplier: MegiQ
Specification 1: Frequency range 400MHz to 6GHz
Specification 2: Measuring power -30 to +5dBm
Specification 3: Bias Voltage/Current generator
Datasheet: http://www.megiq.com/images/Content/MegiQ-VNA-0440-VNA-0460-Brochure.pdf

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MegiQ VNA-0460e, compact 400MHz to 6GHz 2/3-port Vector Network Analyzer with Bias Generator

The VNA-0460e is a compact full bi-directional 2/3-port Vector Network Analyzer that is controlled from a PC through a USB connector. Many customers order the VNA-0460-ESB Starter Kit, a VNA and the VNA Sandbox together, to get started straight out-of-the-box. (It also costs less than buying them separately!)

This VNA is ideal for measuring all kinds of micro-circuits like antennas, attenuators, amplifiers etc. Its frequency range includes most popular telecom bands such as GSM-GPRS-LTE, Wifi, DECT, GPS, ISM, Zigbee, and Bluetooth. With its small size, it can also be used close to the antenna inside a large device or installation, and is ideal for on-site measurements.

MegiQ has developed a new custom cabinet for the VNA-0440 and VNA-0460 series. It is a two piece milled aluminium cabinet that integrates all the different shielding measures that were used in the previous version. Besides a much nicer styling, the new cabinet is more robust, improves shielding and has better thermal behaviour, resulting in much quieter operation. 

The extra Generator port provides an additional signal port that can be used for measuring 3-port devices.

A built-in Bias Generator provides a voltage/current source from -14V to +14V and 100mA. Each of the three ports can be routed to either the bias voltage, ground, or open.

Included in the product are:

  • VNA-0460e
  • PC-software, for controlling, saving data and set-ups, analysis, reporting, etc.
  • Power supply and USB Cable
  • Documentation
  • Carrying case

With the VNA Application Programming Interface, the VNA-0460e can be used for automated production testing.


  •  2-port VNA
  • Frequency range 400MHz to 6GHz
  • Measuring power -30 to +5dBm
  • Data up to 20,000 points
  • Port calibrated
  • Signal Generator output
  • Parametric sweeps
  • Bias Voltage/Current generator