- MegiQ VNA RF Sandbox Educational Board

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MegiQ VNA Sandbox Educational Board

The VNA Sandbox was created as a way to get familiar with VNA measurements and their meaning on the screen.

You will start with a calibration of the measurement with the on-board UFL calibration kit. Then you are ready to measure the different impedances and networks. A tutorial is included that will explain how to measure, what you see on the screen and why some of the measurements may look different from what the theory tells us.

There are 1-port networks, 2-port attenuators, filters and an active amplifier component. Two antennas give you the opportunity to try the point-and-match function of the our VNA products, and measure the coupling between them.

The VNA Sandbox can be used with any VNA up to 6GHz.


  • In-depth tutorial
  • Dual UFL OSLT Calibration Kit
  • 8 x 1-port circuit
  • 8 x 2-port circuit
  • 1 x 3-port circuit
  • 3 active circuits
  • 2 antennas
  • UFL adapters and cables
  • UFL sockets for your measurements