- MS201SP Starter Kit

MS201SP Starter Kit 
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Part Number: MS201SP Starter kit
Manufacturer/Supplier: Seek Thermal
Specification 1: Resolution: 200 x 150
Specification 2: HFOV: 81
Specification 3: Frame rate <9Hz
Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 5.5V
Country of Origin (COO): US
Datasheet: https://www.thermal.com/uploads/1/0/1/3/101388544/micro_core_specification_sheet_v2-2021.pdf

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Seek Thermal MS201SP Starter Kit

Micro Core is a high-performance thermal sensor in a market-leading size footprint. Designed for small form factor, low power and lightweight applications, the Micro Core delivers high-end thermal capabilities, accuracy and performance that is unmatched in its price range.

Designed and Manufactured in Santa Barbara, California with Global Components.

Key Features

  • Shutterless Design for Uninterrupted Imaging. Automatic shutterless correction increases reliability by eliminating a moving mechanical part and delivers uninterrupted thermal imaging
  • Small Size. Big Performance. Unmatched combination of performance, size, and price
  • 200 x 150 Thermal Sensor Resolution. 30,000 temperature pixels for excellent image clarity and sensitivity
  • Easy To Use Development Tools. Get access to SDKs, APIs, support documentation and other important tools to ensure your project is a success
  • 12 Micron Pixels. More resolution and temperature data packed into a physically tiny array enables small form factor applications and lower cost
  • Dual-Gain Smart Pixels. Each pixel automatically adjusts gain states to maximize resolution contrast when viewing hot and cold objects in the same scene