- nanotron KN01SWBER, swarm bee ER Development Kit Plus

nanotron KN01SWBER, swarm bee ER Development Kit Plus 
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Manufacturer/Supplier: nanotron Technologies
Specification 1: UWB technology
Specification 2: Six Key Frequency Bands from 3.5 to 6.5 GHz
Specification 3: Ranging distance up to 50m

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nanotron KN01SWBER, swarm bee ER Development Kit Plus for UWB-based location-awareness.

swarm bee ER (Enhanced Resolution) modules combine nanotronís technology-independent swarm family, cutting time-to-market for location-aware products, with UWB technology for precise micro-location.

The ER version serves applications for very precise (10 cm) and reliable distance or location information between 0 and 20 meters. The integrated MEMS sensor can detect 3D acceleration as well as temperature.

The swarm bee Development Kit Plus ("DK Plus" for short) consists of several DK Plus Boards with antennae and PC software which includes swarm PC Tool and sniffer GUI. The kit helps users to get familiar with the functionality of the swarm bee module and develop their own applications rapidly.

For longer range applications, the KNSWABEEP, using the Chirp (LE) technology, is available.