11082 - WuT 11082, DIN rail power supply 24V, 0.63A

WuT 11082, DIN rail power supply 24V, 0.63A 
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Part Number: 11082
Manufacturer/Supplier: W&T
Specification 1: Power supplies
Specification 2: 24V DC for DIN rail mounting
Datasheet: http://www.wut.de/pdf/e-11077-10-prus-012.pdf

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W&T 11082, Power Supply 24V/0.63A/15W for DIN rail mount

W&T Web-IOs are often used in larger quantities at a centralized location. In such situations a common power supply for the devices makes the application much more transparent than would be the case if the devices were powered individually.If there is no 24V supply available in the installation, this task can be solved elegantly and cost-effectively using the model 11082 15W DIN rail mount power supply, which can be used to power multiple 24V devices from a central location.The power supply can of course also be used where in addition to the 24V supply for the Web-IO component group power is also needed for supplying the rest of the installation. In this case you only need to ensure that the overall power requirements do not exceed the current capacity of the DIN rail power supply.Product properties: 15 Watt power supply for DIN rail mount per DIN EN 60715 Compact housing cross-section (similar to a circuit breaker) allows use of the power supply in building automation control cabinets Flexible in application: Generous 100...240V input range CE Marking and UL Listed High efficiency: typ. 85% Large operating temperature rnage: -20..+60 degrees Celsius Compact DIN rail housing: 25 x 93 x 56 mm Standards-conformal for both office and industrial environments: Increased noise immunity for industrial areas Stricter noise emission for residential and commercial areas