11084 - WuT 11084, DIN rail power supply 24V, 1.0A

WuT 11084, DIN rail power supply 24V, 1.0A 
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Part Number: 11084
Manufacturer/Supplier: W&T
Specification 1: Power supplies
Specification 2: 24V DC for DIN rail mounting
Datasheet: http://www.wut.de/pdf/e-11077-10-prus-012.pdf

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W&T Interfaces or Com-Servers are frequently used with a 24V power supply in large numbers at a central location. In such cases a common supply for the interfaces makes the application significantly clearer than would be the case when powering the devices with individual dedicated power supplies. If there is no 24V power supply already in the installation, this problem can be elegantly and cost-effectively solved using the 24W DIN rail power supply model 11084, which is capable of powering multiple interfaces or COM servers all at once. The power supply can of course also be used where in addition to the 24V supply for the W&T Interface you also need power for the rest of the installation. In this case you simply need to ensure that the power consumed does not exceed the rated power of the DIN rail power supply. Thanks to the generous operating temperature range, the DIN rail mount power supply is also ideal for applications where the standard plug-in power supply provided with the Interfaces cannot be used due to the expected high ambient temperatures. Product properties: Compact 24 watt power supply for DIN rail mounting Flexible in application: Generous 100...240V input range CE Marking and UL Listed High efficiency: typ. 84% Generous operating temperature range: -20..+70 degrees Celsius Compact DIN rail housing: 22.5 x 90 x 100 mm Standards-conformal for both office and industrial environments: Increased noise immunity for industrial areas Stricter noise emission for residential and commercial areas