13611 - WuT 13611, Serial PC card, PCI, 2x RS422/485

WuT 13611, Serial PC card, PCI, 2x RS422/485 
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Manufacturer/Supplier: W&T
Specification 1: PC cards
Specification 2: Serial PC cards
Datasheet: http://www.wut.de/pdf/e-13w1w-16-prus-000.pdf

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PCI card 2x RS422/RS485, 1kV isolated As an option all serial W&T PCI interface cards in standard format offer the possibility of providing two additional ports in addition to the two already present on the card. These two interfaces are configured on the card as serial TTL ports which can be converted into any desired type of port by using the interface modules. Note however that the optional ports do not provide galvanic isolation with respect to each other or to the PC, so that these ports can only connected to a peripheral which is not likely to be characterized by ground potential differences. Compatible peripheral devices would include those located in the immediate vicinity of the PC and which are powered from the same sub-distributor, as well as peripheral devices which are inherently potential-free. This is generally the case for any device which is powered from the interface or by a plug-in power supply. Otherwise you will need to provide external galvanic isolation. The additional interface modules are connected to the interface card by means of 2mm flat ribbon cable and attached using a slot in the PC case. Both components can be ordered as a separate accessory under article number 13013.