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2J Antennas
2J Antennas is a global supplier of antenna solutions that aims to deliver innovative technologies for the connected world.

Our online shop only supports deliveries to ship-to locations in the Americas. Customers outside the Americas can purchase products by contacting us by email, or through the webshop of TOP-electronics in the Netherlands.
  • - 2JW1183-C952B, 5G NR/LTE, SMA(M)

    SKU: 18045
    $ 11.50
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  • - 2JF0224P, 4G LTE/3G/2G, internal antenna, u.Fl

    SKU: 18046
    $ 7.55
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  • - 2J4H86PCFd External antenna, SMA

    SKU: 18061
    $ 95.00
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  • - 2J0A02-C367G, 2.4/5.0 GHz, SMA Male RP

    SKU: 17898