- AX-EWDK-010, EveryWord Development Kit

AX-EWDK-010, EveryWord Development Kit 
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ArkX AX-EWDK-010, EveryWord AVS Development Kit

Complete production-ready reference design with Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear FlexArray™ technology and NXP i.MX 8 host processor technology.
Watch the superior performance of EveryWord™ Ultra Far-field Voice Capture Technology now

Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear FlexArray™ far-field technology features include:

Increased accuracy and reliability of “Alexa” wake-word triggering and command recognition at far-field distances and in noisy environments
Preloaded with Amazon Pryon Lite Wake-Word-Engine and accepts Sensory Wake-Word-Engine
Supports 6+ meters far-field operation with 2, 3, or 4 microphones
Supports arbitrary mic array geometries, including circular, square, triangular, linear or 3D
AEC is scalable to mono, stereo, 3-channel, and 5-channel (surround movie or music) use cases
Supports far-field voice call mode and in-call voice triggering
Suitable for wall-powered devices or portable battery-operated products with low milliwatt consumption
Six mics built-in, ready to be configured for testing circular, square, triangular, and line arrays in 4-mic, 3-mic or 2-mic designs
AVS compliant LED indicators and mic-mute button. Google Voice compliant mic spacing
Also includes expansion bus for connecting GPIOs, I2S/TDM, SPI, I2C, and PDM mics
Web-based firmware control console for simplified interactive operation, mic array selection, acoustic tuning and diagnostics

NXP i.MX 8 host processor technology

Application processing and control
Production-capable architecture

Connectivity includes:

Wi-Fi 802.11
Bluetooth 4.1
Stereo line out
USB device port
USB host port for connection to the external USB soundcard

Technical Overview:

Linear, Y, square, triangular and geometries
Proprietary 3D audio processing technology significantly outperforms beam-forming solutions
Full-duplex far-field voice communication
Does not require source ducking for reliable interaction
Concurrent voice service and voice communication
Multiple user tracking
4x bidirectional I2S/TDM audio ports 2x host to AFE
2x available for external connection
12 AECs for superior barge-in and multichannel audio
AEC support from mono to 5.1 channel surround
USB Host, USB OTG, USB Audio
GPIO, SPI, and I2C connectivity
Web server-based console