Small, smart, simple... easyRF

easyRF designs and manufactures wireless communication solutions with an easy-to-use approach, targeting different applications and markets.

easyRF is successful in the a wide range of markets, such as:

Building Automation

The products are standard off-the-shelf products, but customization of the products is possible. With a knowledgable design-center, easyRF is able to make quick design changes depending on the complexity of the requests. 

Our online shop only supports deliveries to ship-to locations in the Americas. Customers outside the Americas can purchase products by contacting us by email, or through the webshop of TOP-electronics in the Netherlands.

  • - ERF1002, Extreme low power Bluetooth 5.0 Module

    SKU: 18023
    $ 12.00
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  • - ERF3000, Quectel BG96 Arduino Shield

    SKU: 17780
    $ 135.00
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  • - ERF3002, Quectel BG77 Arduino Shield

    SKU: 18068
    $ 80.00
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  • - ERF4000-2400, 2.4GHz antenna with integrated SMA Male

    SKU: 17800
    $ 7.30
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  • - ERF4001-2400, 2.4GHz antenna, panel mount, SMA Male

    SKU: 17801
    $ 14.25