Euroquartz ~ the flexibility of an independent company with the expertise of a multi-national.

Euroquartz Limited is an independent, UK-based, manufacturer and supplier of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency-related products to the electronics manufacturing industry world-wide.

They design and manufacture a comprehensive range of frequency-related components and custom built components to your exact requirements, with short delivery times.

Customers outside the Americas may also purchase Euroquartz products through the webshop of TOP-electronics in the Netherlands.
  • - EuroQuartz, Crystal Oscillator 20.000MHz MJ/30/30/-40+85/12pF

    SKU: 17588
    $ 2.25
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  • - EuroQuartz EQXO-2000BM Mil-Spec Crystal Oscillator, 8-Pin Dual-In-Line

    SKU: 17603
  • - EuroQuartz 3EQHM53-ET-8.000R-C1.5

    SKU: 17796
  • - EuroQuartz 3EQHM53-ET-50.000R-C1.5

    SKU: 17784
  • - EuroQuartz 3EQHM53-ET-40.000R-C1.5

    SKU: 17795
  • - EuroQuartz 3EQHM53-ET-24.000R-C1.5

    SKU: 17785
  • - EuroQuartz 3EQHM53-ET-20.000R-C1.5

    SKU: 17802