- Inpixon KN01ANQ01CS RTLS Evaluation Kit

Inpixon KN01ANQ01CS RTLS Evaluation Kit 
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Inpixon KN01ANQ01CS, Chirp RTLS Evaluation Kit with RTLS anchors and tags

Quickly and Easily Evaluate RTLS-Enabled Solutions

The Inpixon Chirp RTLS Evaluation Kit is a comprehensive starter kit that contains all the components required to quickly and easily set up, integrate and test real-time location tracking in preliminary IoT projects. It demonstrates how our Chirp-enabled RTLS technology can unlock the potential of your IoT solutions by delivering accurate and long-range real-time locationing (up to 500m ranges) and scalability to support deployments in industrial facilities, warehouses, construction sites and mines as well as other enterprise-grade environments.
The Inpixon Chirp RTLS Evaluation Kit leverages our versatile RTLS components, patented technologies and over decade-plus industry expertise, to provide you with an easy-to-use, high-performance platform that simplifies your evaluation of RTLS technologies.

The Inpixon Chirp RTLS Evaluation Kit Contains:

  • 4 x Chirp RTLS Anchors + Wall Mounting Kits
  • 3 x Chirp RTLS Asset Tags
  • Software: Inpixon RTLS Location Engine + Toolbox
  • 5-Port PoE Managed Switch + Cat6 Cables
  • Tag Stand + Adhesive Tape 
  • Step-by-Step Reference Guide + Professional Support if needed
  • Rugged Case for Protection, Transportation and Storage of Kit