- MegiQ RMS-0460, Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System

MegiQ RMS-0460, Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System 
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Specification 1: 370MHz to 6GHz
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Datasheet: https://www.megiq.com/images/Brochures/MegiQ%20RMS%20Specifications.pdf

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MegiQ RMS-0460, Automated 370MHz-6GHz Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System


An independent review of the RMS system was recently published in Microwaves & RF magazine.

The RMS-0460 is an automated system enabling you to characterize the performance of your antennae on many important key parameters in a very easy and quick way - and it is very affordable too! 


As with MegiQ's VNAs, the RMS is a very nice, indispensible system to speed up and improve your antenna designs. For example, did you realise that improving your antenna efficiency by only 3dB will save you a lot of battery drain because you can cut the output power in half? Or that finding and eliminating 'nulls' in the radiation pattern will give you a much more reliable system performance.

The RMS-0460 can measure self-transmitting devices (when they are programmed to transmit a test signal) through 6GHz. The test signal can either be a constant carrier or a fast stream of test packages. Alternatively it can also be a device that is forced to communicate (almost) continuously, such as an access point that is kept busy with large data transfers.

The standard rotating table supports up to 7.5kg/16.5lbs. For measuring larger devices, up to 30kg/66lbs, a separate heavy-duty turntable is also available -  see HDTT.

See a video of the RMS-0460 in operation performing basic antenna pattern measurements, radiated harmonics level tests, wideband antenna frequency response and wideband radiation pattern testing.

Features of the RMS-0460:

  • Dual narrow beam width broadband measurement antenna:
Dual, because you can measure horizontal and vertical polarization in one go!
Narrow beam width, so that the environment does not play a big role. This saves you the need of an anechoic room!
  • Dual channel measurement receiver:
The use of a smart dual antenna and a dual channel measurement receiver gives you the possibility to measure both vertical and horizontal polarization in one go. This speeds up measurement by almost a factor of two! The measurement receiver is controlled by the software.
  • Automated DUT turntable:
The DUT will be supported by an automated turntable, controlled by the same software. The turntable is adjustable in height, and the turntable controller is integrated in the turntable stand.
  • PC Software:
The software that comes with the system controls the receiver and the turntable controller. It lets you set measurement parameters very easily, save and recall settings and measurements, exporting results.
Once set, you push a button for each axis, and the measurement is fully automatic. Saving the settings and results enables you to compare results from previous measurements. Also once set, the system can be operated without having to know much about antennas. It measures multiple frequencies at one go so, if you wish, you can look at radiation patterns over a frequency band or at harmonic content. 
  • Results of the RMS. The system performs the following measurements: 
Parameters such as ERP, total radiated power, antenna gain, average power, max power, etc.
Graphical representation of the radiation patterns, such as horizontal and vertical, in all axis
Measuring on multiple frequencies on one screen