LM Technologies

LM Technologies

LM Technologies designs, develops and manufactures Wireless Modules and Adapters, enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) and cable replacement applications.

They deliver the total solution, with focus in POS/EPOS (Vending, Payment Terminals, Weighing Scales, Cash Registers and Receipt Printers).

Solutions are available for a whole range of industries including: Automotive, Oil & Gas Engineering, Banking, Computing, Taximeters, Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, Home Automation, Location, Lighting, and more.

Our online shop only supports deliveries to ship-to locations in the Americas. Customers outside the Americas can purchase products by contacting us by email, or through the webshop of TOP-electronics in the Netherlands.

  • - LM005-1001, WiFi n USB Adapter 300Mbps (SRP)

    SKU: 17673
  • - LM005-1007, WiFi n USB Adapter 300Mbps (AO)

    SKU: 16881
  • - LM006-1004, WiFi USB Adapter, 150Mbps, Retail Pack

    SKU: 17574
  • - LM007-1050, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Adapter (AO)

    SKU: 17748
    $ 16.50
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  • - LM007-1051, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Adapter, 150Mbps, Retail Pack (SRP)

    SKU: 17749
    $ 17.25
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  • LM025 (025-0602) - LM025, DB25 to DB9 Slimline Converter

    SKU: 16625
    $ 7.00
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  • - LM036-0611, Gender Changer for RS232 adapters

    SKU: 17840
    $ 4.40
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  • - LM048-3000 Bluetooth® v2.0, v2.1 RS232 Serial Adapter (AO)

    SKU: 17797
    $ 95.00