- nanotron BN03SWBLP, Swarmbee LE V3 DK+ Board

nanotron BN03SWBLP, Swarmbee LE V3 DK+ Board 
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Datasheet: https://nanotron.com/EN/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Inpixon_PB_swarm_bee_LE_V3_1.94.pdf

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nanotron BN03SWBLP, Swarmbee LE V3 Development Kit Plus


swarm bee LE V3 integrates nanotron’s location RF-Chip, nanoLOC, and is complemented with embedded accelerometer and temperature sensors. With low external component requirements, the swarm bee LE V3 is an ideal choice for personnel, equipment and asset tracking products, where in- and outdoor location sensing is critical.

swarm bee LE V3 based tags, when deployed with nanoANQ anchors and our IoT Platform, provide the most comprehensive real-time location system (RTLS) on the market today.


  • Engage markets with a small footprint module – suiting wearables, asset tags or cap lamps
  • Deliver higher performance applications by extending the range (+4dB RF Pout)
  • Cut integration time with the tag ready swarm bee design

The swarm bee LE V3 is based upon the nanoLOC transceiver chipset. With a configurable transmission power output, the module is capable of radio range up to 1,000 m. Typical applications are 300 – 500 m. The increased output power further stabilizes the communication reliability and connection robustness.

The Development Kit Plus boards (“DK Plus” for short) are useful tools for users to get quickly acquainted with the basic functionality of swarm bee LE. The DK Plus Board consists of a swarm bee LE module and includes an antenna.