Professional and low cost RF tools for Wireless Development.

MegiQ creates measuring and test equipment with a focus on circuit and antenna measurements for those who develop wireless applications . MegiQ has Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) with different options for measuring and tuning the device itself. They also have a Radiation Measurement System (RMS) for measuring the spatial radiation properties of the device.

Because it starts in the circuit itself, MegiQ provides several connection and calibration kits to get to the PCB. A development is more than having a graph on a screen that changes when we change something. For a structured development, it is important to keep track of the measurements and to retrace the steps, restarting from there if necessary. The application software exports clear and easy-to-read graphical results that can be readily pasted in a development report.

Our online shop only supports deliveries to ship-to locations in the Americas. Customers outside the Americas can purchase products by contacting us by email, or through the webshop of TOP-electronics in the Netherlands.

  • - RMS-LASER: Internal Laser Pointer for RMS Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement Systems

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    $ 470.00
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  • - MegiQ RMS-0460, Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System

    SKU: 17983
    $ 20,000.00
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  • - MegiQ RMS-0460/GEN-OUT, Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System

    SKU: 17861
    $ 20,800.00
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  • - MegiQ RMS-GEN-COAX, RMS generator coax cable, 5m

    SKU: 17804
    $ 115.00
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  • - MegiQ RMS-0660/GEN-OUT, Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System

    SKU: 17789
    $ 17,100.00