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Nanotron Technologies

embedded location platform

...reliable, efficient, visible.

Today Nanotron's embedded location platform delivers location-awareness for safety and productivity solutions across industrial and consumer markets. The platform consists of chips, modules and software that enable precise real-time positioning and concurrent wireless communication. The ubiquitous proliferation of interoperable platforms is creating the location-aware Internet of Things.

Our online shop only supports deliveries to ship-to locations in the Americas. Customers outside the Americas can purchase products by contacting us by email, or through the webshop of TOP-electronics in the Netherlands.

  • NLSG0501A - nanotron NLSG0501A, nanoLOC Transceiver TRX (NA5TR1)

    SKU: 17528
    $ 52.00
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  • MNSWABEEM - nanotron MNSWABEE, swarm bee LE v1 module

    SKU: 17538
    $ 89.00
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  • - nanotron MN03SWBLE, swarm bee LE v3 module

    SKU: 18047
    $ 95.00
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  • - nanotron MN02SWBLE, swarm bee LE v2 module

    SKU: 17717
    $ 120.00
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  • - nanotron MN01SWBER, swarm bee ER module

    SKU: 17605
    $ 175.00